Paris Here I Come…

Ha, I wasn’t intending to post again so soon, but I just came across a very cool infographic that really caught by eye…. 15 million foreigners every year! I think I’m about to be one of them :)

Paris In Figures – An infographic by the team at Smarter Paris

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New Zealand I Love You

This post is about a trip I went on recently to New Zealand. New Zealand is a part of the world I had always wanted to visit, every since watching The Lord Of The Rings and seeing what  a beautiful country it is.

I found out on Google about a kind of tour bus trip called “The Kiwi Experience,” ( which is like a hop-on hop-off tour around the whole country. Well, it made it sound like a fantastic idea, as I’m not really one for hitch hiking or having to struggle to get from A to B when I’m in new surroundings. It was also really affordable.

Anyway, long story short, couldn’t have made a better choice! I met so many cool people on the trip whom I’m hoping will stay friends for life. Meeting people while traveling isn’t always the easiest thing for me, but this made it super easy.

The bus also went to some amazing places that I’d read about before coming, for example Rotorua, which had these unbelievable geysers (will upload photos soon):

Honestly, I’d never seen anything like it. What amazed me the most was the variation in the scenery from this, for example, to a point later in the trip (we basically went from “North Island” to “South Island”), where I ended up trekking on some glaciers in an area called Franz Josef. It really was like being in Lord Of The Rings given how beautiful the different settings were, and what it felt like to traverse them all !

Probably my favourite part of the whole trip, however, must have been Queenstown. This is really the adventure capital of the world, and as you’ll come to learn, I’m a pretty huge thrill seeker. There were three main bungy jumps you could do, called the Thrillogy (here’s what some guys on Tripadvisor had to say about it), and  I did them all. Needless to say it was a pretty frightening experience, but well worth it, on balance :) On one of them I even dipped my head in the water at the bottom!

Alright, well that’s all I’ll say on my New Zealand trip for now. I came back home really missing the place, and I do plan to go back soon. Thanks, New Zealand.

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